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How does it work?

You can increase your hotel's earnings using the StayForLonger App.
Your guests will have instant access to the most interesting
attractions and events in your area, and they will stay for longer!


Install the widget on your website

Adding StayForLonger's widget to your hotel's website is quick and simple, and our IT team will support you every step of the way.


Frequently updated database

With StayForLonger, your guests have continuous access to the latest information on events and special deals near your hotel.


Know your guests

SFL's Stay Planner module generates plenty of important data about your guests. What do they like? How do they spend their free time? The answers to these and other questions will help you increase the number of bookings in your hotel.


Determine pricing according to the attractiveness of dates

With StayForLonger, your prices will be in line with the number of events around your hotel


More profit for your hotel

When you integrate partner programs, you can earn additional commissions on sales of local tours and activities

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Benefit from expert advice!

Events and attractions in your hotel's area

Concerts? Festivals? Sports events? Show your guests it’s worth visiting your hotel for an unforgettable time! Our application will show upcoming events during the booking process to encourage guests to stay with you for longer.


Tool for planning
a day full of attractions

Thanks to our intuitive Trip Plan module, your guests will be able to plan every day of their stay. This ready-made plan can be made available on social media, printed out or downloaded to a mobile device.

E-mail notifications
for your customers

Keep in touch with your guests. Our app will let them know about the most exciting attractions, tours and events in your area. Previous guests will come back to you, and new customers will discover why it’s worth staying at your hotel!

Reports on guests

Thanks to this app, you will receive access to information on what your customers are interested in. You can use this knowledge in your marketing activities.

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Our customers love us/opinions

Read opinions of satisfied customers

We are very glad to be cooperating with StayForLonger. Once we decided to use the service, it took just one day to get the "Vicinage" tab running on our website. Very quick, friendly and helpful contact. And what results! :) Our guests are very pleased to have such easy access to information on the area they are staying in. In a word: the "Hotel guidebook" is a great idea. We recommend it!

**** SPA Faltom Hotel Rumia

The "Hotel guidebook," which we published on our website, meets our requirements 100%. All the information in the guidebook is organized and laid out very clearly. The 'Events' tab is continually updated and supplemented with new options. The StayForLonger staff are always happy to help and entries are made very quickly.

**** Branicki Hotel Bialystok

The online regional tourist hotspots guidebook is a great supplement to our website. Our guests can check out all the attractions near any resort and plan every day of their trip without a tedious search on the Internet or buying an expensive paper guidebook. We recommend this solution if you believe customer satisfaction is priceless.


We really wanted to enable guests at our hostel to spice up their stay in Gorzow. We started to gather information on events and attractions in Gorzow, but this was very time-consuming, and we’re busy people. I stumbled upon stayforlonger.com by chance, and it was a bull's eye ;)) - this website has everything we need to give our guests complete information on the town’s hotspots.

Przed Świtem Hotel Gorzow


Any questions?
We will be glad to answer

Can the colour scheme of the app be matched to our hotel website colour scheme?

Yes. The colour scheme of the app is always adjusted to the website on which it will appear. Our IT specialists will assist you during the script installation process.

Is there a mobile version of the app?

Yes. The StayForLonger app is available on smartphones and tablets, and you can even use the app on smaller displays. The app is designed to automatically adjust to the width of any display.

Is it hard to install the script on the website?

No. The app is very easy to install, and our specialists will help you do it.

Does the app have any other functions other than the latest events and attractions database?

Yes. With StayForLonger, your guests can check how to get to where they want to go, and can quickly translate the phrases they need thanks to the app’s connection with Google Translate.

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guests stayed for longer


radius of attractions listed for your guests


global attractions and events in our database

All packages contain:

Reports about guests

Tourist attractions

Local events (entertainment & bussiness)

Hotel reception tool

PDF guides for guests

Trip Plan module

POI categories

Mobile version



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